Jadakiss On Beef, The Lox


who is preparing to release his solo LP, Kiss The Game

Goodbye, recently spoke to allhiphop's Jigsaw

in an upcoming issue of Mass Appeal Magazine. Kiss

shed some light on the so-called beef between himself

and Jay-Z, his relationship with The Lox and the future.


probably squeeze another LOX album out before the end

of the year," Kiss said. "We just knew that

we couldn’t stop. We forming Voltron. We probably got

like 200 songs done."

When asked

about the alleged beef between himself and fellow star

Jay-Z, Kiss just shrugged the whole matter off. "He

just called me yesterday," Kiss said referring to

Jigga. "He wants to sit down before it gets out of

control. Let bygones be bygones. It ain’t even let bygones

be bygones, because it was never nothing. We always fucked

with hom' so it was always love. The streets just blew

it out of proportion," Jadakiss said.

You can peep

the full interview in the next issue of Mass Appeal magazine.