Jadakiss, Supa Nova Slom Create Mixtape to Unify Gangs Of New York

Jadakiss has joined forces with fellow New York rapper Supa Nova Slom to craft "Gangsta Salute," a new mixtape track devoted to educating youth on the origins of gang culture, designed to unify street gangs.

"Gangsta Salute," produced by Brooklyn-based producer Ntrfied, features Jadakiss and Supa Nova Slom, an emcee and organizer known for his national work unifying troubled gang members and for providing a creative outlet for youth

"'Gangsta Salute' is a timely song because there are a lot of YG's, especially in New York City, banging in the name of various sets without knowing the history and original intent of these gang organizations," Supa Nova Slom said. "I was personally taught by respected OG's from both organizations that the original intent and purpose of organizations such as the Bloods and Crips was economic empowerment, political empowerment and community protection...not bangin' on each other."

The mixtape track, released this week, has already garnered positive feedback from notable DJs like DJ Kool Kid and Kay Slay.

Jadakiss, D-Block's front man, admitted that creating the song brought a different side out of him.

"'Gangsta Salute' brings the Chuck-D out of Jada," Jadakiss joked. "It's a hot track with hot lyrics and no preaching. What more can you ask for?"

Supa Nova Slom hosts a monthly Hip-Hop showcase in Brooklyn, for emcees that may be involved in gang activity or other at-risk activities.

The event also provides various workshops on economic empowerment among other topics lead by music execs, signed artists, community activists, business professional, reformed gang members and others.

"Me and Jada are from these streets which are now gang infested areas in New York. So, who better than the two of us to help school and unify YG's on the home front and beyond?" Supa Nova Slom said.

Supa Nova is preparing to release his forthcoming debut album entitled Unify the Hood/Heal the Hood this spring.