Jadakiss Vs. Beanie: SQUASHED


& Beanie Sigel have peacefully resolved their "beef."

Founders ofAllhiphop.com contacted the Hip-Hop Summit

Action Network after hearing Beans talk negatively about

Kiss on Philly radio station Power 99. After being briefed

on the tensions by Allhiphop.com, Russell Simmons then

contacted both artists, inviting them to meet, with

him as the mediator. Instead, the artists decided a

one-on-onemeeting in an undisclosed area of Harlem,

resolving their issues.

The tension

apparently began when a writer for The Source magazine

quoted Kiss where he “allegedly” claimed that

Philly rappers had bitten his style of rhyme. In an

interview with Allhiphop.com, the Ruff Ryder said, “That

was the writer twisting the shit around. That was some

real bullshit. I’m catching some real flack of

that! I would never say nothing about Philly because

that’s where I sell most of my records at.”

However, after reading the Source story and also hearing

of the comments, Beans took the diss personally claiming

to be the only person Kiss could be referring to.


thereafter, bootleg versions of Jadakiss’ Kiss

the Game Goodbye circulated with a song dubbed “Here

We Go Again,” featuring DMX. In the song, Kiss

quips he stopped eating beef because he ate “too

many Bean Macs,” referring to Sigel. Sige lthen

responded with an even more vicious diss on the Empire

Strikes Back CD(Roc-a-Fella’s first mix CD)

with DJ Envy. His hookless verse included witty, yet

violently laced, rhymes (“I’ll spark him up,

leave him stiff like that cleaners”) aimed at Jadakiss

and “any muthafuckin’ hater that act like

he want to put down paper.” “I’m ‘bout

to sun Kiss like a soda and make “J-to-the-Muah”

put his lips to his nine and really Kiss The Game Goodbye//Its

funny Jason really think he grimy too and everybody

liked him better in that shiny suit.”


less than a few days after the Empire Strikes Back

CD hit the streets, Kiss’ reply was already

on major radio stations like Power 99 and eventually

on mix CD’s like New York’s DJ Green Lantern.

Some of the lines Kiss said were equally street and

lyrical aswell. "I don’t even like you Sigel,

Your flow is all mine so don’t bite the hand that

feeds you//MOS DEF,I'll get someone to bury your carcass,

for a KOOL G and I’m not from Rawkus//I’m

rhyming on a Disco beat, you a fag, the next rhyme you

kick should be over a Sisqo beat." However, despite

the vile lyrics from both ends, the clash ends as fast

as it began.

The resolution

suddenly ends a conflict that seemed like it could potentially

become violent, as both Beans and Kiss run with large

crews. Russell Simmons told Allhiphop.com that the Hip-Hop

Summit Action Network would continue to call for peace

in hip hop via Minister Ben Chavis, the director of

the program. “It’s important for the idiots

to know thebeef is squashed,” Russell Simmons said.