Jade And Baddie Gi Hire Meek Mill's Powerful Attorney In War With Cardi B

AllHipHop Staff

Cardi is facing 14 charge and a pitbull of an attorney.

(AllHipHop News) Cardi B's decision to turn down a plea deal from prosecutors in New York could have some serious consequences.

Two bartenders who go by the names Jade and Baddie Gi have hired Meek Mill's powerful attorney to represent them in their case against Cardi.

The women have hired Joe Tacopina to pursue a claim that Cardi ordered her crew to attack them over claims one of them was having sex with her husband Offset.

The women were allegedly targeted in two different incidents.

In the first altercation, a group of women associated with Cardi assaulted Jade with an ashtray, while punching, kicking and stomping on her.

Another incident happened at the end of August when a group of women assaulted both Jade and Baddie Gi with hookah pipes and bottles.

Cardi rejected a plea deal from prosecutors and has pleaded not guilty to the charges in a previous hearing.

The rapper should be careful since Meek's lawyer Joe Tacopina is known for winning a number of notable cases, including getting Meek sprung from prison in his war with an overzealous Philly judge.

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Pay up freak!

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Cardi b needs a attitude adjustment


I hope she goes to prison for this