Jaden Smith Explains Why He Can't Hang Out With Frank Ocean

'808s' or 'Yeezus'? The actor/rapper shares his pick.

(AllHipHop News) Jaden Smith dropped his debut studio album on November 17. Syre featured Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky as well as Atlanta singer-songwriter Raury.

During a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session, Jaden revealed his current dream collaborator is Kid Cudi. The actor/musician was also asked about hanging out with R&B star Frank Ocean, and he explained why it's difficult for him to connect with the Grammy-winning crooner.

"It makes me nervous to hang out with him, cause he is too talented," posted the "Icon" performer.

Jaden's AMA answers were written with the first letter of ever word capitalized. He does the same thing with his tweets. When asked about his capitalization habit, the Roc Nation representative simply wrote, "Aesthetic."

The California-raised teenager also disclosed being a fan of Brockhampton, Arctic Monkeys, and Tame Impala. In addition, when directed to choose between the Kanye West albums 808s & Heartbreak and Yeezus, Jaden picked the latter.

He don't want Frank to make no moves on him lol...
Freaky Franky

Their dresses may clash & argue over who's got the cutest purse & lipstick..................


Cuz they would start sucking each other off eventually 69 style

I like Tame Impala too but you don’t see me acting like a cross dressing soy boy. Lol. Them smith kids got waaay too much freedom too early...

Can't hang with Frank , might lift your dress.

I like this lil dude. I think the boy is talented. song is straight. I wouldn't be getting the album but its a lot better than these youtube trash rappers the youngins keep making pop.