Jaden Smith Planning Film Based On Debut Album

AllHipHop Staff

Jaden Smith has big plans for his debut album.

(AllHipHop News) Jaden Smith is planning on directing a film inspired by his debut album Syre: A Beautiful Confusion.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's son released the album earlier this month and now he is keen to showcase the record's 'stories' in a film project next year.

"(Visuals are) where SYRE's true colors (lie)," he tells Billboard . "It's an actual film that plays out that has characters... It's just about the story of Syre."

The 19-year-old started work on the album three years ago and he explains the music is about his upbringing.

"It feels good to have it out into the world," he says. "It's been a long three years."

"It's really just become a legacy of this guy, this kid, who chases the sunset," he continues. "And then one day, it chases him back and he can't get away. It really is the story of me coming to be a young adult, and it wasn't easy at all."

Jaden worked with several artists on the album, including his girlfriend, Odessa Adlon, who sang on the track "Lost Boy," his sister Willow, and MSFTS star Harry Hudson.

Smith also hints he is planning to release an exclusive version of the album in Asia in the hope of launching a K-pop career in South Korea and beyond.

"I'm exploring all genres (of music)," he reveals. "I'm going to get some of my favorite artists on some songs with me, so that's going to be the start of my K-pop career."

And, like his father before him, he hopes his ambitious project can help combat the misogyny in hip-hop he feels is degrading the genre.

"Everybody tries to rap the same and talk the same way and be misogynistic in the same way - it's annoying," he says. "My mom taught me different values. And my sister teaches me different things every day. My sister and my girlfriend and my mom... all of these women in my life show me what it's like to be a woman and how much I don't understand, and how hard it can be sometimes...

"The misogyny in rap music right now, (is) degrading and it's hurtful and it's not pushing the art forward."

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I wish him the best but darn their kids are kind of different. Not certain how difficult his young life could have been.