Jae Millz Arrested In New York

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Jae Millz was arrested yesterday (May 19th) in New York, after an incident at his house. While details are sketchy, the rapper sent out a tweet revealing that he was held in the 43rd Precinct in the Bronx. “This woman really just called the cops on me... But u in MY house,” the rapper wrote shortly before tweeting: “I'm gettin arrested!”A source told AllHipHop.com that Jae Millz was involved in some sort of domestic dispute, although he listed another reason for the bust on Twitter. “Its real weird how I got arrested 4 havin an illegal substance, but 80% of da holdin cell was in there cuz of chicks,” Jae Millz tweeted. Today (May 19th), Jae Millz is slated to shoot a video for the first song off of his upcoming mixtape He Still Nasty, which will be released May 26th.