Jae Millz MTV's First 'You Hear It First' Artist For 2005

Is Jae Millz the next superstar to represent Harlem, New York? MTV thinks he

will be.

The network will shine the spotlight on the rapper, presenting him as the first

MTV News "You Hear It First" artist of 2005.

"You Hear It First"

gives fans a look at emerging artists. Others who have been featured on the

segment include Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Slim Thug, Little Brother and Anthony


Millz, who generated a strong

industry buzz with the success of the track "No No No," has recently

heated the streets with a new banger, "Streetz Melting," produced

by Swizz Beatz. The single is catching on with deejays across the country.

Jae Millz full length debut

album, Back To Tha Future, will be released on Wanna Blow Entertainment/Universal

Records this Spring.

"I named it (the album)

Back To Tha Future because I felt Hip Hop was missing Hip Hop,"

Jae says. "I'm going to take it back when the game was about Hip Hop -

when it was about lyrics."

Production on he project

includes tracks from Omen, Ron Browz, Scram Jones (who produced "No No

No"), Emile, Swizz Beatz, and Heatmakerz, while guest appearances include

TI, Swizz Beatz and Slim Thug.

"Making an album is

comfortable, it's like your diary," Millz explained. "You don't even

have to talk some bullsh*t, you can talk what you go through."

"As much as people

want to hear you talk some funny sh*t and floss and front, they want to know

what you go through and know that you're human," Millz said.

"They want to feel

like you're on the same level as them. I try to put a lot of reality into my

songs, and with this album I want people to understand that I can spit and I

do the battles and freestyles and have fun, but I take my music very seriously."