Jahna Sebastion: "I Am Free"

London-based singer Jahna Sebastian is celebrating the success of her most recently released EP "The Edge of Love," with a brand-new video and project titled "I Am Free."

The new video is taken from her new upcoming EP of the same title, which Jahna is planning to release at the beginning of May.

She described the six-song EP as "parallel realities of art imitating life."

“It explores parallel realities of art and life imitating each other like in Oscar Wilde’s saying, 'Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life,'" the singer explained to AllHipHop.com. "The song is about some of my experiences of finding freedom both physically from detention and mentally from feelings of sadness and abandonment.

"When I was making the song I had this idea of creating this space of life and art swapping places where you can’t even tell the fine line separating them anymore and asked my friend artist German Zwanik to paint live to the song which he only heard for the first time and while listening to the song on repeat he created two painting filmed live in the video," Jahna Sebastian stated. "We live in the world of reality TV, selfies, projecting images from real life on virtual reality of social networks and this is my own piece of reality TV within my music video. Before I decided to be a musician I wanted to be a visual artist.”

Check out Jahna Sebastian's new video for "I Am Free" below: