Jam Master Jay Bio In Stores

A journalist has written a biography of the late DJ Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC fame, which is currently available in stores. "Jam Master Jay: The Heart Of Hip-Hop," penned by Chicago-based scribe David E. Thigpen, who is a writer for Time magazine.

Thigpen said he ventured through Jay’s Queens stomping grounds and managed to finish the unauthorized biography in a mere 8 weeks after being hired by Pocket Books and MTV to write the book.

The writer said he attempted to change some of the other unsavory media revelations of the Jam Master. “There is more to him than people know and I was fascinated by him,” Thigpen told AllHipHop.com. “He was street, but he didn’t have to prove it to you. I wanted to get into as much detail as possible.”

But, Thigpen said his attempt to chronicle Jay’s life weren’t without its difficulties.

Erick Blamm, Run DMC's manager, blocked the writer’s efforts to interview the Kings of Rock as well as Jay’s surviving family members. Thigpen alleges Jay's wife and three sons should be compensated with proceeds from the book, something publishers Pocket Books and MTV was unwilling to do.

“Run DMC’s manager didn’t want me to do the book. He felt that the family should be paid from the book. He wouldn’t let me talk to Jay’s widow or Jay’s family so I had to refer to past interviews.” In the book, he interviewed the likes of producer & Def Jam co-founder Rick Rubin, Chuck D of Public Enemy and members of the Hollis Crew like DJ Hurricane.

Neither Blamm nor Run DMC was unavailable for comment at press time.

For all of his investigation, Thigpen said fans and concerned family won’t get any closure for the murder of JMJ, which remains unsolved at press time.

“[The investigation] has been going on for a long time. Nothing is breaking and its getting increasingly difficult. There are only theories … and it could have been anybody,” Thigpen said. “It could have been anybody. Jay had an open-door policy.”

Despite his obstacles, Thigpen stated that the biography was a sincere, honest and balanced portrayal of Jam Master Jay as one of the most influential disc jockeys in hip-hop.

“He was not as well known as Run DMC, but he was far more influential,” Thigpen said. “His timing was perfect. He was the first DJ you saw in action.”

“Jam Master Jay: The Heart Of Hip-Hop” is in stores now for $6.99 in the United States and $10.50 in Canada.