Jam Master Jay's Mother Comes Forward, More Info Surfaces

Jam Master Jay's mother recently stated that the person (or persons) who had a hand in the murder of her son, would eventually pay for the puzzling, still unsolved murder.

"They might not get what's coming to them right away, or be arrested right now, but their soul will never be free," Connie Mizell told the New York Daily News.

Mizell said that Randy Allen and Jam Master Jay had been friends since junior high school in Hollis, Queens.

"You're his friend for 20 years, and you don't want to talk to the police about what happened?" Mizell said about Randy Allen. "You don't come to my house after he died? You want to say you don't know anything?"

According to law enforcement officials, the people that were present in the studio when Jam Master Jay was gunned down October 30th, 2002, are not being cooperative in helping solve the murder.

Allen went on record and denied his involvement after it was reported on AllHipHop.com that he was the benefactor of an insurance policyJay had taken out should anything happen to him in his Queens studio.

According to the New York Daily News, law enforcement sources now state that such an insurance policy did exist.

Sources claim that Allen allegedly withdrew money from a bank account that he and Jam Master Jay shared and was allegedly looking for new recording studio space in Manhattan, just days after JMJ was gunned down.

Allen and his sister Lydia, whom authorities claimed opened the door and may have seen the killer, are not cooperating with the investigation.

According sources, Lydia and her brother Teddy Allen have relocated to Nevada.

"It's the people closest to Jason Mizell, his inner circle of business associates, who are not being entirely forthcoming," said Lt. Alfred Murphy, commanding officer of the 103rd Precinct detective squad.

"We believe there is more information out there." While the investigation centered around a man named Curtis Scoon and Jay's dealings with him, authorities have never questioned Scoon.

AllHipHop.com has also learned from various sources, that the day before Jam Master Jay was shot and killed, he had a serious altercation with a man from Brooklyn, only known as "Goldie."

The man and Jay allegedly argued over a past debt in the recording studio, almost 24 hours before Jam Master Jay was gunned down.