Jam Master Jay's Murder On America's Most Wanted

More pressure is set to be put on the murderers of slain Hip-Hop icon and Run-DMC group member Jam Master Jay, when America’s Most Wanted features a segment on the DJ’s murder during an upcoming episode.

Sources have confirmed with AllHipHop.com that AMW is creating the segment on the pioneering DJ, who was gunned down on October 30, 2002, inside of his 24/7 recording studio, located in Hollis, Queens on Merrick Boulevard.

While many theories exist about how Jam Master Jay was shot and killed and why, no one has ever been charged in the slaying, which occurred with as many as six people present in the recording studio.

Those present in the studio included associates of Jam Master Jay: Uriel “Pretty Tony” Rincon, Mike B., Jay’s assistant Lydia Allen High and her brother Randy Allen.

While Jam Master Jay, born Jason Mizell, was sitting on a couch in the recording studio, two unknown assailants entered the recording studio and shot Jam Master Jay once in the back of the head.

Rincon was also shot in the leg by a stray bullet, but was not seriously wounded.

After the shooting, a number of suspects emerged - mostly Jay’s close friends in the studio who witnessed the murder - yet no one has ever been charged for one of the music industry’s most heinous crimes.

Even police detectives with the 103rd Police Precinct in Queens, as well as Jam Master Jay’s own mother have pointed to Jay’s inner circle as stonewalling the investigation.

In previous statements and interviews with AllHipHop.com, both Allen’s, as well as other suspects have denied involvement in the murders.

One person of interest officially emerged in the murder by the name of Tinard Washington, a child hood friend of Jam Master Jay, who was also implicated in the murder of Randy “Stretch” Walker.

Walker, who was present when Tupac Shakur was shot inside of the Quad Recording Studios, was machine gunned to death on a Queens street, after a high speed car chase.

Washington, who was also a childhood friend of Jam Master Jay, was implicated in the murders by unnamed witnesses.

He has previously denied his involvement in the murder of Jam Master Jay.

Jam Master Jay’s segment on America’s Most Wanted is currently in pre-production.