Jam Master Jay Tribute Sneaker Goes On Sale

Fans of Run DMC are flocking to Adidas stores

in New York City, Santa Monica, California and Tokyo to snatch up a pair of

the limited edition Jam Master Jay Ultra Star tribute Adidas sneaker.

The shoe, which went on sale today (Jan. 21),

to coincide with the Jam Master Jay's birthday. The shoe is selling for $100

a pair and was designed by Jay's three sons, Jason Jr., 16; T.J., 11, and Jesse,

7. Only 5,000 pairs were made. According to sources, Adidas will release a different

color each year on Jay's birthday.

The show features a sketch of JMJ on the tongue.

Jam Master Jay is written above and "1/21/65-10/30/02" is written

below. Jam Master Jay was gunned down in his recording studio October 30, 2002.

Although fans only supposed to purchase one pair

at a time, some were going back in line as many as four times to pick up extra

pairs of the sneaker.

"Yeah I admit it's a lot of money but I

can easily make my money back if I decide to sell three of my four pairs, because

they are gonna be a collectors item," one fan said while standing in line.

The shoes have already started to appear on Internet auction site, Ebay.

100% of the proceeds will go to the JMJ founded

Scratch DJ Academy. "Adidas isn't making a dime off this," said an

employee that insisted on anonymity. "It was nice for Adidas to do this,"

a customer replied.

"It was nice for Run DMC to save the brand

in the 80's," the clerk retorted laughing.

To check out the sneakers, or purchase your pair

visit the official Adidas