Jam Master Jay Update: New Suspects Being Investigated

According to sources,

investigators are checking possible links to Jam Master Jay's business partner,

Randy Allen and his sister, Lydia.

Before Jam Master

Jay was gunned down, an insurance policy was supposedly taken out, stipulating

that if either Jay our his business partner were harmed in the studio, the other

partner would collect.

Sources told AllHipHop.com

that the several men in the studio knew that Jam Master Jay was going to be

shot on October 30th. Michael Bonds, Urieco "Pretty Tony" Rincon and

Lydia Allen were all present when Jam Master Jay was gunned down as he sat playing

a video game.

"How Lydia

could open the door for someone she doesn't know is beyond me," the source

said. "All of these people that were present were Randy Allen's people."

Lydia Allen was

also the bookkeeper for Jam Master Jay's JMJ Recordings.

Randy Allen, who

recently returned from Hawaii, also allegedly withdrew money from a bank account

that he and Jam Master Jay shared and was allegedly looking for new recording

studio space in Manhattan just days after JMJ was gunned down.

The source also

stated that Allen sent Jay's nephew, who was also a member of the group Rusty

Waters, to the barber shop minutes before Jay was gunned down. "I don't

think he [the nephew] had anything to do with it," sources told AllHipHop.com.

"He had nothing but love for Jam Master Jay."

Police have not

been able to locate Allen's sister Lydia, since Jam Master Jay's funeral. According

to the source, Randy Allen relocated Lydia and his brother Teddy Allen to an

undisclosed location outside of New York with another sister.

The theory is that

Allen knew of a possible beef between Jam Master Jay and Curtis Scoon, the original

suspect in the shooting. Scoon's beef with Jay may have been exploited to make

it appear that the shooting was the result of tension between the two men.

The source also

discounted a connection between Scoon and another man, who allegedly served

as a lookout named Tenard. The source said that Scoon and Tinard have a well

documented beef.

Tinard was also

living with Jam Master Jay's sister in a property he owned in Hollis, Queens,

shortly before Jay was gunned down. According to sources, Jay took issue with

Tinard living in the property and requested that he leave, which may explain

why authorities are investigating Tinard's possible role in the shooting.

"I doubt that

Tinard had anything to do it with, although he is definitely capable. I think

that Randy and other men present at the studio were involved."

"All I know

is this. These guys in the studio knew it was going down," one source told

AllHipHop.com. "If you won't talk to the cops and you won't handle it on

the street, then you had something to do with it, period."