Jamie Foxx Planning To Put On Huge Amount Of Weight To Play Mike Tyson

AllHipHop Staff

Jamie Foxx will be putting on the pounds for his upcoming role as Mike Tyson. Can he do it?

(AllHipHop News) Oscar winner Jamie Foxx has confirmed he's packing on the pounds to play heavyweight boxing champ, Mike Tyson.

The trim "Ray" star has set himself the goal of tipping the scales at 225 pounds for the role and tells Life & Style magazine he's planning to take his time and do it as healthy as possible.

"I’ll gain a little weight," he tells the publication. "We have a doctor and we have a trainer, so we know how to gain it the right way, in increments. It’ll be (all) muscle."

Tyson himself is on board the project after revealing he has been a fan of Foxx's impression of him for years.

"It's on," Tyson told The Sun about the movie on his life. "Jamie Foxx has signed on for it. Filming hasn’t started yet but it’s going to happen."

And the boxing icon has warned fans the film will cover every aspect of his life, including a rape conviction and the Evander Holyfield fight, during which he nibbled off a piece of his opponent's ear.

"A lot of people aren’t going to like the things I’ve done in my life," he says.

Sources claim Tyson has even offered to train with Foxx to help him perfect the role:

"Mike knows it is Jamie’s dream to play him and they have talked about gym work and how he could put him through his paces," the insider said. "The only thing is that if they go sparring and Mike connects, Jamie may never make any movie again."

The "Tyson" biopic was first announced in 2014 when rumors suggested Martin Scorsese was interested in directing.