Jamie Foxx Stalker Arrested

AllHipHop Staff

A man who allegedly stalked Oscar winning actor/singer Jamie Foxx is now in police custody.

The man, identified as 49-year-old Steven Taliver, was arrested Tuesday (March 31) and charged with burglary, making criminal threats, false imprisonment and harassment.

The arrest came nine days after Taliver tried to enter Foxx’s hotel room in Philadelphia, where the actor was filming his upcoming movie Law Abiding Citizen.

Taliver entered the AKA Hotel in Rittenhouse Square on March 22 and it was there that Taliver tricked Foxx into thinking he was a producer for singer Beyonce Knowles.

After realizing something was wrong and he didn’t know Taliver, Foxx proceeded to keep the man from entering his room as Taliver tried to force his way in.

The actor eventually overpowered Taliver and slammed the door in the intruder’s face. Taliver fled the scene afterwards.

Authorities caught Taliver after Foxx’ private security spotted him just a few blocks away from the hotel and called police.

Despite reports of the alleged incident taking place at the AKA, a spokeswoman for the hotel said she had no record of a guest with the name Jamie Foxx staying at the hotel.

E! News reports that police in Philadelphia confirmed that a trespassing incident did occur March 22 at the AKA Hotel, but would not reveal whether Foxx was the victim of an attempted burglary.

"There was an arrest," a police spokesman said. "There was an incident. Someone was in an area they weren't supposed to be...inside the hotel."

The March 22 incident isn’t the first time Taliver has tried to see Foxx. Sources told Philadelphia’s CBS 3 that Taliver tied to break into Foxx’ room three times last month on March 22, 27 and 31.

Taliver, who lists a homeless shelter as his address, is scheduled to appear in court in June to answer for a receiving stolen property charge related to a 2006 car theft.

A representative for Foxx refused to comment when asked about the incident.