Jane Doe Says Chris Brown Is Trying To Intimidate Her Over $17 Million Lawsuit

The woman claims Chris Brown is trying to videotape her and she's not with it.

(AllHipHop News) The woman who claims she was forced to perform oral sex on a menstruating woman during a party at Chris Brown's house claim's the singer is trying to intimidate her.

A Jane Doe is suing Chris Brown and his boy Young Lo after she was raped at a drug-fueled, pornographic party in the singer's Los Angeles mansion.

The woman and her attorneys are trying to inspect the inside of Chris Brown's house, but the singer is refusing to let it happen unless he is allowed to videotape them.

Jane Doe filed a request to order Chris Brown to cool it, claiming he is only attempting to harass and intimidate her as she pursues her civil case against the singer.

The whole ordeal started when Jane Doe and several of Chris Brown's friends ended up at his mansion after a night of partying.

Once inside, the woman claims Chris Brown blocked the exit of his room with a couch during the party and started playing pornography.

The world-famous singer then stripped and started having sex with other guests in the room.

The woman says she was forced to perform oral sex on Young Lo and a female friend of Chris Brown's, who was allegedly menstruating at the time of the episode.

Young Lo denied the charges in a previous statement.

"Lowell vehemently denies these false and defaming accusations originated last year, ending with no arrests, no proof, an inconclusive rape kit and after a police investigation - no charges filed," a lawyer said in a statement.