'Janky' Promoters Sued For $100Gs Over Fake Snoop Show

(AllHipHop News) A Cudahy, California, night club is suing a company purporting to represent rapper Snoop Dogg, after losing over $40,000 for a show that never happened. The lawsuit, which was filed October 22nd in the Central District of California, claims a company ominously named One Blood/Red Eye Entertainment approached El Potrero Night Club and represented itself as a reputable booking agency that was negotiating concerts on Snoop's behalf. Around August 27th, Potrero executed the contract and wired $20,000 to secure the rapper for an exclusive date. Problems arose, however, when Potrero attempted to promote the concert on Los Angeles' Hip-Hop station, Power 106. Reps for Power 106 questioned the date and told Potrero that the contracts the club had signed were fake. One Blood/Redeye representatives claimed that they were simply going around Snoop's managers to avoid extra fees. On September 15th, Potrero sent the remaining $20,000 to book the rapper. When it was time to perform, representatives for Redeye informed the club that Snoop Dogg was not in the city and would not be performing. As a result, Potrero is seeking $100,000 for Breach of Contract, fees, expenses and lost profits.Snoop Dogg is not named in the lawsuit.