Jay Electronica And Jay-Z Tag Team New Album With Heavy Bars And Abstract Beats


It wasn't exactly a shocker, but fans are incredibly impressed by Jay Elect's first album.

(AllHipHop News) The album is finally here. Jay Electronica has released A Written Testimony, his long-awaited debut album, which features a heavy presence from Jay-Z.

The pair trade bars for the majority of the album that was started late December and recorded for 40 days. Travis Scott and The Dream are also featured on the eccentric album. 

Jay Elect first signed to The Roc nearly 10 years ago after a bidding war and has teased fans relentlessly during that period of time. A Written Testimony boasts 10 songs. 

The tracklisting for A Written Testimony:

1. "The Overwhelming Event"
2. "Ghost of Soulja Slim" featuring Jay-Z
3. "The Blinding Light" featuring Travis Scott
4. "The Neverending Story" featuring Jay-Z

5. "Shiny Suit Theory" featuring The Dream & Jay-Z
6. "Universal Solider" 
featuring Jay-Z

7. "Flux Capacitor" featuring Jay-Z

8. "Fruits of the Spirit"
9. "Ezekiel's Wheel" featuring Jay-Z & The Dream
10. "A.P.I.D.T.A." featuring Jay-Z

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He's a dope MC but that album is trash... boring as hell! This was more of a Jay-Z showcase album.


If you know ANYTHING about Jay Electronica then outside of him taking his time to drop a solo album there's NO way you thought he couldn't Spit straight 🔥🔥!!!


He delivered and then some and the crazy thing is this album didnt even scratch the surface of his genius. From listening to features and old songs of his, his imagination and pen game are second to none.


It's fucking dope.