Jay Electronica's Reaction To Nick Cannon's Interview With Rabbi Abraham Cooper Reignites Friction


Five days after it all simmered down, the debate starts to rage again.

(AllHipHop News) Jay Electronica stirred up a lot of emotion on Saturday, when he reacted to an interview with Nick Cannon and Rabbi Abraham Cooper. 

The response to the rapper was varied after he demanded that the Rabbi meet with Minister Louis Farrakhan or other scholars from the Nation of Islam. 

Electronica, 43 , took five days to reply to an interview with Rabbi Abraham Cooper and Nick Cannon. In a "Cannon's Class" with Professor Griff of Public Enemy fame, Nick Cannon made several comment widely regarded as anti-Semitic. He relented after putting up a defiant stance. 

Electronica called Rabbi Cooper a "coward" and stated the "true children of Israel," among other things. 

The audience on social media responded with broad, clashing comments that ranged from support to criticism.