Jay Electronica Takes It To Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent

Jay Elect Return Strapped To The Teeth

(AllHipHop News) Jay Electronica has dropped a metaphorical bomb on the night Kendrick Lamar stands to win 11 Grammys. The New Orleans-born rapper minced no words.

The first verse of “The Curse of Mayweather" is classic Jay Electronica, but verse two, he goes directly at Kendrick.

"I gave that little cockroach life and he blasted me / Niggas made all those memes and they laughed at me / Its World War 3 mother f**ker, a catastrophe / Watch the throne, my nigga, watch the throne / How you gonna compare the king to a gnome....He's got 11 Grammy nominations / Y'all not equal, Man f**k these White people / My grandmom died at 82 scrubbing floors and niggas still running 'round begging for awards/ Is he Jedi or his he Sith / Is he Neo in The Matrix or Mr. Smith / I might be on Periscope getting pissed, talking reckless - contemplating all out war with Fif."

On verse, three Jay carries on, but he does not name names. Some have speculated that he is also taking jabs at Drake. "Allah sent me to slap fire outta Sambo," Jay says.

He also refer to a seemingly intoxicated Periscope viral video where he said he would slap 50 Cent.