Jay’s Black Book On The Way

Jay-Z’s autobiography is still on the way, even though the much-anticipated novel was originally slated to be released with the rappers The Black Album

The book has been delayed simply because co-author dream hampton and the rapper are still writing the rapper’s memoirs.

“He [Jay-Z] might be able to record an album in six weeks, but I can’t do a book in that time,” hampton told AllHipHop.com.

Still, she said the delay of “The Black Book” is a positive even though Jigga’s die-hard fans might want it now.

“With him coming out with the album, the book would have only gotten lost [in the promotion of the CD,”] she said.

Hampton did state that the opus would hit stores in the latter part of the spring or the summer.

Even though fans may scour Jay’s lyrics for insight into his life, hampton said that the rapper would shed light into his intensely personal life.

“I feel like everything with Jay is a bomb, because he is so private. If you skim his lyrics and think everything is about girls and ice, you will be shocked. A lot of this is about [his life] before the music,” she revealed.

However, hampton stated that Jay-Z wouldn’t delve too far into his relationship with singer Beyonce.

According to a variety of sources Jay has already made clear his desire to marry the Destiny’s Child front women.

Both were nominated for six Grammys with Beyonce taking home five and Jay snagging two.

Dream hampton is an accomplished writer, critic and journalists who has written for a number of publications. She was the first female editor to be hired by The Source magazine in addition to taking a top spot at Larry Flynt’s defunct Rap Pages. She is also in the process of penning the autobiography of Sean “P.Diddy” Combs.