Jay-Z Accused Of Stiffing His Swedish Lawyers Out Of Over $200,000

Jay owes his overseas lawyers some money after the Tidal deal.

(AllHipHop News) Jay-Z's company Tidal is being sued by a law firm that claims they were stiffed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars after the Mogul bought the streaming service.

Jay's company S. Carter Enterprises employed the law firm of Roschier Advokatbyra in 2014, to help close the purchase of Tidal, which was acquired from a local company called Aspiro AB.

Roschier Advokatbyra AB insists they provided 1,400 worth of billable hours to seal the deal.

In total, it cost $629,000 in legal bills to execute the deal.

Roschier Advokatbyra AB admits Jay paid a good portion of the bill, but still owes over $294,000.

The law firm is seeking the rest of their money, in addition to damages and lawyer fees.