Jay-Z And 50 Cent Alive And Well

Pranksters sent a wave of fear through the hip-hop

community via a fake CNN website, which reported that rappers 50 Cent and Jay-Z

were murdered.

"Jay-Z is in f*cking Switzerland right now,"

Russell Simmons told AllHipHop.com. "This sh*t isn't true. 50 Cent was

just on New York radio too."

The URL was cleverly designed to mimic the CNN.com

URL, fooling many users into believing a report that 50 Cent and Jay-Z were

both killed in Los Angeles.

According to the poorly written report, 50 Cent

was shot 3 times of shots by a semiautomatic rifle and that Jay-Z died of a

stab wound to the neck.

The bogus report stated that the rappers were

killed in the lobby of an unnamed Los Angeles hotel lobby and that two suspects

remained at large.

These reports are false.

The fake CNN News Generator," enables people

to post fake news on what appears to be the official CNN website.