Jay-Z And Meek Mill Trying To Get Travis Scott Ditch Super Bowl Gig

Travis Scott could represent hip-hop during the big game's halftime show, but Jay doesn't think it's a good idea.

(AllHipHop News) Rap star Travis Scott is being pressured to scrap his plans to perform alongside Maroon 5 during the 2019 Super Bowl half-time show.

What used to be a career-making gig is becoming a badge of shame for some of the top African-American performers, over the league's treatment of Colin Kaepernick and his decision to kneel during the national anthem to protest injustice in America.

Up until today, the NFL was having a tough time finding an act to perform with the Maroon 5 and Jay-Z could be the reason.

Sources claimed Jay-Z was actively involved in trying to dissuade Travis Scott from taking the gig.

Jay already turned down an offer as he let it be known on his hit song "Apesh*t" with Beyonce. His "On The Run II" tour consisted of sold-out shows in stadium-sized arenas anyway.

In addition to Jay, Rihanna and Mary J. Blige turned down requests and the league hasn't been able to confirm another act, even though artists like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B. and others have been pondering offers.

Even rap star Meek Mill is getting on Travis and urging him to reconsider.

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Mannnnnn Carve ya own legacy @TravisScott he should perform.. the NBA been racist since the beginning.. You think the #Clippers owner is the only racist owner in the league (NBA).. Too much double standard... Perform fella see ya own truth @TravisScott