Jay Z and Timbaland Say Enough Is Enough; Lawyers Ask Judge To Toss “Big Pimpin” Lawsuit

Jay Z and Timbaland continue to battle an Egyptian songwriter over their hit single “Big Pimpin.”

(AllHipHop News) In 2007, Egyptian artist Osama Ahmed Fahmy claimed the rappers illegally sampled his uncle Baligh Hamdi’s song “Khosara Khosara.”

However, Osama Ahmed Fahmy is refused to go down without a fight and filed an appeal over the original ruling against him.

In the latest round of legal wrangling, lawyers for Jay Z, Timbaland and dozens of other defendants have filed a motion to dismiss Fahmy’s request for an appeal.

The lawyers for Jay and Timbaland claim he already signed away his rights to the song, yet his is still trying to appeal the verdict.

To complicate the issue, lawyer’s for Jay Z and Timbaland say Fahmy is basing his latest argument on copyright laws which don’t even exist.

The are asking a judge to toss the lawsuit for good, in support of the original verdict, which was reached in October of 2015.

After the intitial ruling, Jay Z and Timbaland’s lawyer David Steinberg told the New York Times that his clients “have been vindicated in their position that they have every right to exploit ‘Big Pimpin’ ’ wherever they choose, including in records, films and concerts.”