Jay-Z / Beyonce Wedding Location/Time Revealed?

Jay-Z and Beyonce got their marriage license on April 1 and now the place they will be married is starting to leak, reports say.

The entertainment powerhouse is rumored to be married in a Hudson Street condo they own in the Tribecca section of Manhattan, reports entertainment blog The Greasy Guide. Also, the nuptials will reportedly occur at 6 pm.

The information was released through a local New York radio station and quickly has been dispersed through the media. Some insiders have speculated that the leak was a deliberate attempt to confuse and distract the paparazzi.

A video released yesterday (April 3) by Beyonce’s Destiny’s Child friends, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, seemed to suggest they were preparing for something big. In the video, they say they are at “an undisclosed location” and “out of town.” In the video, they say overtly, “B’s in the studio tonight.”However, The Insider is reporting that Beyonce's all ready to be wed. They reported:-Beyonce's dressing room is set up in gym with a vanity and flowers

-There are secret service everywhere inside…they swept the place

-Fridge stocked with Jay-Z's favorite champagne

-There was a platform - maybe for the ceremony

-Tables were set for about 30, so the event will be intimate"

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