Jay-Z Calls Game a “Groupie,” Denies Chris Brown Ban

AllHipHop Staff

After weeks of taunting video clips from The Game, mogul Jay-Z has finally broken his silence regarding the LA emcee and Chris Brown.

In a recent interview with UK’s Tim Westwood, Jay-Z addressed whether Chris Brown’s recent apology for the Rihanna beating was sufficient.

“We’re all flawed human beings,” Jay explained. “The most he can do is apologize, that’s it. What can we say? Everyone should be allowed to make mistakes, it happens. [Regarding blocking him from the BET performance], that’s the silliest rumor I’ve ever heard. I was really sitting back and watching the suckers comment, because you really don’t comment on rumors.”

The Brooklyn native elaborated that if he had personal issues with Chris Brown, it would be handled in a more direct manner.

“Let me first categorically deny it, that’s not even my style,” Jay stated.” If I have a problem with Chris Brown, I have a problem with Chris Brown. I haven’t said anything live or behind the scenes. I don’t agree with what he did, that’s it. As far as not letting him perform, that’s ridiculous and stupid. That’s a sucker move and I wouldn’t do it, and people commenting on rumors, it’s a sucker move…That’s not how I deal with my problems.”

Moving on to the Game, Jay-Z framed the recent attacks as the work of an individual desperate for attention, and questioned why his initial Game-mentioning freestyle would be taken as a diss.

“Ooh, you hurt my feelings, oh my God! Tell groupie to get over it,” Jay mocked and laughed. “If that’s a diss [my freestyle], wear that! Tell groupie to get over it.”

At press time, Jay-Z’s highly anticipated Blueprint 3 is scheduled to drop this fall on September 11.

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