Jay-Z Cancels Free Obama Show, Throat Issues Blamed

Mogul Jay-Z left thousands of fans disappointed last night (October 6) at Miami’s Bayfront Park Amphithreatre, as the mogul cancelled his second free Obama show at the last minute, due to rumored throat problems.

Upset event organizers first attempted to stall for time, stating the rap star was just running late, but eventually made the announcement to dejected concert-goers.

With October 6 being the last day for eligible voters in Miami to register, organizers feel a great opportunity was missed.

“The whole concert has had to be cancelled because it was Jay-Z who pulled out. We haven’t been told why, but I’m sure all the fans want an explanation,” an anonymous Bayfront Park official speculated.

The free concert/voter registration drive was set to include supporting performances from Wyclef Jean and Rick Ross.

However, the entire event was scrapped due to the backlash from fans after Jay’s cancellation.

This past weekend, both Jay-Z and Wyclef completed successful Miami performances for Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

Over the past year, Jay-Z has shown vocal support for Obama at his shows, most noticeably on the Blueprint 3 lead single “Jockin’ Jay-Z.”

During the early stages of his campaign trail, Obama citied the rap star as one of the favorite artists in his Ipod.

At press time, it is unconfirmed whether Jay-Z plans to reschedule the Miami show.