Jay-Z & Carmelo Anthony Team-up With ESPN

The Roc and the Rocky Mountains have teamed up with ESPN magazine, as Jay-Z and Denver Nuggets rookie Carmelo Anthony will be featured in a photo spread in an upcoming issue.

Anthony had attempted to limit his engagements outside of basketball, but when presented with the opportunity to join the retiring rapper in a photo shoot, the nineteen-year-old forward jumped at the chance."I think it's probably going to be a big deal, a big thing. It's him," Anthony told the Denver Post. "It's not so much me, it's him. People will see him and me on the cover at the same time. It's an honor because he's (retiring from) the rap game."

Though Anthony and Jay-Z were teammates for the photo shoot, things may get more competitive between the two if the rapper wins the bid to purchase the New Jersey Nets.

Initially the rapper retained an investment bank to explore the opportunity of putting in a bid for the NBA franchise. But now Jay-Z has joined a group of investors lead by Bruce Ratner, a wealthy New York developer.

This past Wednesday (Dec. 10), the group unveiled plans for $2.5 billion dollar commercial and residential project, which would not only include a basketball arena, but apartments, a track, and an ice rink. The project, of course,

would be contingent upon them winning the bid.Fans of both b-ball and hip-hop can expect the 'Melo and Hov laced ESPN the

magazine to his newsstands early in the New Year. As far as Jay-Z's daytime job, his final album, The Black Album, is currently number 10 on the BILLBOARD 200.