Jay-Z Chats With Roc Fans; Reveals Foxy Brown Had Surgery

Rapper Foxy Brown

has undergone ear surgery and is in the process of recovering her hearing, Def

Jam president Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter has revealed.

Of the Def Jam-signed artist, Jay-Z said, "She just had an operation out

in L.A. and hopefully within the next couple of weeks her hearing will slowly

start to come back."

According to her doctor, Brown lost hearing in both ears because of a condition

called "sudden sensorineural hearing loss," a rare condition that

remains permanent without treatment.

Recovery time is

expected to be brief, but the time frame varies per person.

The revelations came as Jay-Z engaged with fans in a live chat on the Roc-A-Fella

Records website Wednesday (Feb. 15), allowing fans to ask a myriad of questions.

The topics ranged

from rival Cam’ron to Nas to Freeway’s involvement with G-Unit, among

other topics.

The artist in the

Def Jam president came out when he was queried about the possibilities of recording

a new album.

"I don't know

this time about doing a new album, although I'm itching to do one. We'll see,"

Jay-Z said.

Jay-Z also commented

on the status of current Def Jam artists The Roots, Freeway, Beanie Sigel and

Memphis Bleek.

"I've always

had a friendship with [drummer] Ahmir [Thompson]," Jay-Z continued. "We've

done a lot of work -- Unplugged, different concerts. I just felt that

he was the one to lead that whole Def Jam movement. He led the movement that

was considered to be neo-soul. I hate that word but you know what I mean."

Jay-Z also revealed

that a tribute song for producer Jay Dee, who recently passed away from complications

due to lupus, was being planned.

"They had

made a song dedicated to him before he passed and we're gonna put that out in

honor of him," Jay-Z revealed.

Both Beanie Sigel

and Freeway are still recording for Roc-A-Fella Records, where Freeway is putting

the finishes touches on a collaboration album with G-Unit with Jay-Z's blessings.

Sigel is currently

negotiating a deal for his own record label, while Memphis Bleek is working

on a new clothing line and a possible career acting in movies.