Jay-Z Helping Coca-Cola Relaunch Cherry Coke Line

Jay-Z's push into

the world of advertising and marketing continues, as the mogul's Rocawear company

will help soft drink giant Coca-Cola relaunch its Cherry Coke line of soda. According

to industry trade publication Brand Week, Jay-Z will help design the can

and the television commercials, in addition to appearing at the relaunch of the

Cherry Coke brand on Feb. 7 during New York's Fashion Week. Coca-Cola

hopes the new union will be fruitful, as the Cherry Coke brand has relaunched

three times since its debut in 1985, and has seen sales lag behind rivals' cherry

cola products. Jay-Z's

can will feature a cityscape design, and a full marketing blitz for Internet,

radio, TV and print will start early next month. A Jay-Z song will be featured

as the commercial's soundtrack. The

rapper landed the deal with coke after an eight-minute video clip from Jay-Z's

Radio City Music Hall started appearing on various Internet file trading sites.


his new opportunity to expand his standing in the business world," Jameel

Spencer, CMO, Rocawear told Brand Week. "Besides just recording, he's

making TV commercials and campaigns for brands . . .who is better than Coke? They're

the biggest...His role is helping brands not get it wrong the way McDonald's did

with African Americans rapping about French fries... There's a reassurance that

they won't appear like an out-of-touch uncle trying to act cool."In

related news, Jay-Z will appear in a new Superbowl XLI commercial with former

Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula, promoting Bud Light. The

rapper, born Shawn Carter, has been co-brand director for Budweiser Select since

Oct. 2006.Jay-Z

also recently announced a partnership with GM to produce "Jay-Z Blue,"

a custom color for the auto maker's Yukon Denali SUV.