Jay-Z Jumps Into World Of Art Collecting

AllHipHop Staff

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Jay-Z has revealed he has a new expensive hobby, which is collecting pricey works of art. The Hip-Hop mogul, who has a fortune estimated to be worth at least $400 million, started collecting art around 2005. Since then he has acquired several expensive works of art, including several original paintings by Andy Warhol, whose painting Rorschach is used as the cover for Jay-Z's book, Decoded."I got into art about 5 years ago or so. I got a couple [of Warhol's]. I have one of the Rorschach over my fireplace in my living room," Jay-Z revealed to Howard Stern. "It's all about art. I try to buy things that resonate with me. I have everything from Andy Warhol to Tim Noble to Sue Simmons, who are new. I have an Ed Ruscha, David Hammons, whether it makes a ton of money for me or not."According to Jay-Z, his love for Andy Warhol's work also helped him get the rights to use the iconic painter's famous work of art for the cover of Decoded. "We called the Andy Warhol estate, they cleared it one day which was amazing," Jay-Z revealed.Jay-Z's Decoded is due in stores tomorrow (November 16th).