Jay-Z Launches Roc Nation Aviators With Skullcandy

(AllHipHop News) Jay-Z has teamed with Skullcandy to release the Roc Nation Aviator headphones in a new joint venture between the two companies.According to reps for Skullcandy, the new partnership will “push new levels” of style and sound in the marketplace. “Our passion is creating amazing music,” Jay-Z said in a statement. “We’re dedicated to delivering the best in live performances. Now with the Roc Nation/Skullcandy partnership, we’re offering the best way for people to experience the soundtrack of their lives.” According to a press release, the Roc Nation Aviator is designed with superior metals, polycarbonate headphone cups, plush memory foam ear cushions and materials previously used in designer eyewear. “This partnership is an incredible opportunity for Skullcandy,” the company’s CEO Rick Alden said. “By teaming up with Roc Nation on both the creative and marketing direction of these new products, we are able to set the bar at a new high - challenging the future quality of what emerges in the industry from here on out.” The Roc Nation Aviators will be released this June.