JAY-Z LIVE FROM THE D: A Concertgoer's Account

The below is a first hand account of the free Jay-Z concert in Detroit last night (October 4,2008). It is not intended to be an official concert review or an official article, but an attempt to bring some of your voices to the forefront to share with the world. Enjoy.

Hova…..Hova…..Hova……are the screams of

thousands of fans chanting for an encore for the God MC. Jay-Z burst back on the stage like, “I know

ya’ll m******s aint ready to go, I ain’t ready to go, Detroit I got more


12,000 people packed the Cobo Arena, home of the

2008 Stanley Cup Champions the Detroit Redwings to see the iconic legend

Jay-Z. The city of Detroit proved,

“Nobody got swagger like us.” Beautiful

ladies and fly n****s attended the event d-boy fresh and swagged out. The cause for the concert was just and

necessary to make sure we know how important our vote is. Every person who attended the concert either were

or became registered voters. Jay-Z said,

“I aint gonna tell you who to vote for, but I’m voting for Barack Obama.” OBAMA…….OBAMA…….OBAMA the crowd roared, they

know what time it is. It’s time for a

change, REAL CHANGE.

The concert started off with a multicultural

vignette of Obama and the hope he provides all people. Then the DJ got the

females warmed up by playing Lil Wayne's smash hit “Lollipop,” after which, Jay-Z

emerged from the dark to an incredible Light show with, “Return of the Bad

guy,” from American Gangster. He moved

through classic hits from Reasonable Doubt to current hits like his verse from

“Swagger Like us,” to “Jockin Jay-Z.” He

did at least 24 or more songs.

Hov’s stage presence was larger than life,

he commanded that m*******a, his interaction with the ladies……we’ll say, he

swag splashed 'em. Jay gave tha D one of

the most important concerts you’ll ever see in your life, truly for all those in

attendance they were part of history. 

Jay-Z said, “being a kid, growing up from Marcy project this is the 1st

time I really believe we can truly be anything we wanna be.”

There were a lot of classic moments especially

when he posted a hilarious picture of President Bush as he end of his verse

from, “American Gangster ’s, Blue Magic” as the crowd scream with him in

unison, FUCK BUSH!!!! That’s the

sentiment of the night, out with the old and in with Real Change, Barack Obama

for President of the United States of America. “These are my opinions as free

citizens of the United States of America, Jay stated.”

Jay encouraged us young Detroiters to not

just register, register a friend and make sure we go out and vote on November

4th. It’s the most important event in

our lives and our parent's lives.

Yes we can….And we SHALL CHANGE THE WORLD.