Jay-Z On Columbia Move: "I'm Nowhere Near That"

Jay-Z disappointed millions, when a scheduled interview with Hot 97's Angie Martinez was cancelled for personal reasons yesterday (July 27).

The interview was to address a number of matters surrounding the mogul, including recent rumors of his departure from Def Jam.

The rapper and Martinez did get on the phone for a few moments to reschedule and answer a few questions.

After Martinez queried him, Jay-Z said that he'd be at his Def Jam post next week, sidestepping the notion that he was exiting his presidential position at the label.

"If they don't kick me out the building [I will be there next week]," Jay-Z said to Angie Martinez.

She also asked him if he was planning the rumored move to Columbia.

"I'm always looking at the next move," he said and stated that he liked his job at the label.

Additionally, Jay-Z shunned the gossip that he was close to leaving Def Jam.

"I'm nowhere near that. That's the papers, they are ahead of me," he quipped about rumors of his departure.

The interview was rescheduled for Friday August 3 on Hot 97.