Jay-Z Reportedly Wants To Buy NJ Nets

Rapper/mogul Jay-Z maybe looking to ball in a different manner than his tenor in the rap game. After proclaiming The Black Album would be his last, Jigga is reportedly considering the purchase of the New Jersey Nets.

To explore the options, the rapper has retained New York investment company Andrew, Alexander, Wise & Co., to help aid in his effort.

The Nets are up for sale by parent company YankeeNets and there are reportedly four bids in for ownership of the team, between $250-$275 million dollars.

Jay-Z recently announced that several NBA players would wear a basketball version of his hit S.Carter Reebok sneaker and, according to sources, inked Cleveland Cavalier star LeBron James to a recording contract.

Jay-Z has been seeking ownership of a team since at least October, when he put in a bid for the Glenfalls Wildcats, a New York semi-pro basketball team that is up for sale for $300,000.