Jay-Z Responds To T-Pain

AllHipHop Staff

Jay-Z has responded the verbal lashing by rapper/singer T-Pain, who said "F**k Jay-Z" in Las Vegas at Club Rehab.

On the Ed Lover Morning Show, co-host Free asked the rapper about his feelings on the move by T-Pain.

"I made it very clear I wasn’t talking about him," Jay-Z said of T-Pain. "I think he’s talented, I don’t think he need Autotune to sell records but if that’s his prerogative. D.O.A. was just for the conversation. "

While T-Pain wasn't the target of D.O.A., he appeared to take issue with the song. "I said he brought [Autotune] back," Jay-Z said.

When asked about a possible generational difference, Jay-Z shrugged off the notion that he was too old to be an active member in Hip-Hop.

"Well, everybody has a birthday. They don’t have much else to say, they can’t attack my credentials as an artist or my lyrics as an MC," he said.

"Even still with all these guys running around...I still represent Hip-Hop...I represent the culture. When I have conversation with Oprah or Bill Maher, represent the culture."

Jay-Z's The Blueprint 3 hits stores today.