Jay-Z's Lawyers Say He Is Being Subjected To "Spanish Inquisition" Over Cologne

AllHipHop Staff

Lawyers for Jay say a rival company is trying to make him wear an "electronic bracelet" too.

(AllHipHop News) Jay-Z's scheduling has become part of a major court battle.

In January of 2017, a company called Parlux Fragrance hit Jay with an $18 million lawsuit.

The company claims Jay-Z reneged on his deal to promote a cologne called "Gold."

Jay's lawyers have claimed the rapper didn't intentionally blow off his responsibilities to Parlux Fragrances, but he was just too busy to do any meaningful promotional work, which included an appearance at Macy's and an appearance on "Good Morning America."

The Roc Nation boss promptly counter-sued, claiming Parlux stiffed him out of his royalties for more than two years.

In court earlier this week, Parlux Fragrances claimed Jay-Z's schedule defense is bogus and is requesting a judge force Jay to turn over his calendar for the years 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Jay-Z's lawyer claimed making the rap star turn over his calendar could reveal sensitive business information.

He said Parlux request was akin to forcing Jay to wear an "electronic bracelet" and invoked memories of "The Spanish Inquisition."

The judge told both parties to resolve the issues among themselves in the next two weeks.

The court case continues.