Jay-Z's Sneaker Sells Out, On Pace To Break World Record

Jay-Z's signature Reebok sneaker, the "S. Carter" hit stores yesterday (April 18th) and is selling out of stores across the country, most in less than an hour. "It's a beautiful thing," Jay-Z told AllHipHop.com. "We dreamed about doing it, put a plan together, we made the shoe and now it's really happening. I'm excited about the results and now the collection is just going to grow." Sales for the sneaker are on pace to set a Reebok world record for sales. Global retailer Footlocker said "they hadn't seen a frenzy like this since the Reebok Freestyle shoe in the mid-80's.""Hearing about people waiting in line to buy the shoe at 6 A.M. and waiting for hours in the cold and rain has just been love," Jay-Z added.