Jay-Z Says His Relationship With Kanye West Will Be Fine

AllHipHop Staff

Jay-Z talks about his relationship with Kanye West. Read more.

(AllHipHop News) Jay-Z is trying to mend his relationship with Kanye West, revealing they recently spoke.

The "Stronger" star famously took aim at Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce during one of his troubled concerts, just days before he canceled his Saint Pablo Tour and was hospitalized for a mental evaluation in late November 2016.

The longtime pals subsequently appeared to have patched things up and were seen celebrating together at a birthday party for Jay-Z and Beyonce's five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy earlier this year.

The "99 Problems" hitmaker has now revealed Kanye's onstage rant cut deep, but he recently reached out to his former collaborator.

"I (talked to) Kanye the other day, just to tell him he's my brother," he tells the New York Times Style magazine . "I love Kanye. I do. It's a complicated relationship with us."

"Kanye came into this business on my label," he adds. "So I've always been like his big brother. And we're both entertainers. It's always been like a little underlying competition with your big brother. And we both love and respect each other's art, too...

"Everyone wants to be the greatest in the world... and then there's like a lot of other factors that play in it. But... we gonna always be good."

The 47-year-old admits there is still tension between the two, but they will eventually sit down and hash things out: "Hopefully, when we're 89, we look at this six months or whatever time and we laugh at that," he says. "There's gonna be complications in the relationship that we have to get through. And the only way to get through that is we sit down and have a dialogue... I'm sure he feels that I've done things to him as well... I'm not a perfect human being by no stretch."

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Nah the second Ye doesn't make moves for Hov he's going to get as butt hurt as Ye did when Beyonce didn't wear her make up and clothes.


In all seriousness I can sleep better knowing this now