Jay-Z Seeking To Dismiss Lawyers' Lawsuit Over Tidal Purchase

Jay-Z doesn't play around with his money.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Jay-Z is seeking to dismiss a lawsuit filed against him over the sale of his streaming service Tidal.

The hitmaker purchased the Swedish company in 2015 and was subsequently sued by bosses at two law firms, who alleged they did not receive all of their legal fees.

According to The Blast, executives at Roschier allege they are owed $294,000, while bosses at SEB claim they need to be paid $304,400.

However, Jay-Z insists the lawyers have been paid in full, but they are seeking "additional compensation."

He also claims the additional funds they are seeking from his S. Carter Enterprises company came from their "own culpable conduct in overbilling" him.

He is seeking to have the lawsuit dismissed, arguing his former lawyers did not "perform under the contracts they now seek to enforce."

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