Jay-Z Sued Over $250,000 Jet Bill

(AllHipHop News) Jay-Z is being sued by a private jet company, who claims the rap mogul failed to pay a $250,000 bill for flying. According to TMZ.com, Air Platinum Holding claims Jay-Z flew 18 hours in 2009, at a cost of $4,500-per-hour, at a cost of $81,000. Other costs Air Platinum is suing for include catering for 17 domestic flights for a total of $8,500, catering for 4 international flights totaling $3,000, International fees totaling $8,500 and taxes totaling $12,285.Air Platinum is also seeking another $24,200 from Jay-Z, for a luxury trip to England. The total bill Jay-Z owes is $137,485.00 plus almost another $100,000 in damages. Air Platinum was a company based in Miami, owned by Frenchman Mickael Cohen, who offered celebrities like Jay-Z, Paris Hilton and others, luxury concierge services. For $163,000 a customer could receive 15 hours of flight time for an entire 14-passenger Gulfstream GIV, to or from anywhere in the world. Additional perks included the use of Cohen’s 80-foot yacht, a condo at the Aqualine Resort and Spa and the usage of a variety of luxury cars. The company collapsed when it became entangled in a myriad of lawsuits, resulting in Cohen losing over $1.9 million dollars in the venture. `“All this mess, it's only the revenge of my pilots because, we found a lot of breach of trust about the expenses, the hotels rooms, etc., because I'm French [they think] they can take what they want,” Cohen told the Miami Herald earlier this year.