Jay-Z Sues Tenants of Penthouse

Jay-Z is suing two residents of a Tribeca penthouse complex, accusing them of sabotaging a deal where he attempted to purchase a $6.5 - $7 million penthouse. The suit was file last week in Manhattan.

The suit alleges the tenants, Lynn Fisher-Hill and Lewis Taffer, hung negative flyers throughout the building saying "private security personnel were not permitted to enter the building carrying weapons" and " highlighted Jay-Z's ''criminal record and his lifestyle of knives, guns and violence.''

Also, the suit says the two posted articles which detailed Jay-Z's 2001 guilty plea in the 1999 stabbing of Lance "Un" Rivera for bootlegging music. Peter Arnell, an advertising executive, and his wife were attempting to sell the penthouse to Jay-Z, who has now withdrawn his offer. Since, Jay-Z has accused Fisher-Hill and Taffer of racism.