Jay-Z Vs. Prodigy And 50 Cent


New releases coming from Jay-Z, Prodigy and 50 Cent, the verbal

fighting and physical threatening has officially started. On

a new Ron G. mixtape, there is a song featuring Jay-Z throwing

disses to the Queensbridge bred Emcee's.

Here are some of

the lines from Jay-Z song:

"YOU OWE ME" for

every word on your last lp And the one before that, mail me

200 Gs.. A.S.A.P., And by the way Whats with this "A.S.S. P."?

(whats up with this Ass P)

Listen close, I don't know you, I dont know think u know me

I'll get your 6 blocks in Queens shot off the the strength of


Nigga I drip infamy, you could never swim with me

Jay-Z muthafu*ka you rather swim in pee


Cent has a bone to pick with Jay-Z on his latest

joint, called "Be

A Gentleman." Here are some of those lines:

"Yo, no more

freestyles and verses killing Sticky and Jah

Im moving on now, I got bigger fishes to fry Since How To Rob

a lot of niggas been naming names

Monkey see monkey do, I done changed the game....Look,

If I shoot you then I'm famous,

if you shoot me then your brainless, you said it yourself

I'm sick enough to twist your lines and send them back at you

swift enough to snatch the MAC and pop that at you

Take it personal see if I won't send you to hell I done told

Tone and Poke they better have my bail"

Jay-Z's new CD,

The Dynasty:Roc La Familia moved over 550,000 units the

first week, beating out Outkast and U2.