Jaz-O Crew Member Turns On Him


one of the point rappers in Jaz-O's Immobilaire crew, has defected and fallen

out with the leader Jaz-O. In the unnamed song circulating, Dibiase turns on

his former crew member and lyrically tosses disses at the veteran rapper, who

is already in a war of words with Jay-Z and the Roc-A-Fella crew.

Dibiase is prominently

featured on the King Kounty album. On the song Dibiase raps: I helped you Jaz-O/You

spit in my face I gave you my last/ and you got the cash to prove it.

In the song Dibiase

accuses Jaz-O of attempting to woo 16-year-old girls and that Jaz-O betrayed

everybody that was close to the veteran rapper. He also accuses Jaz-O of not

paying most of the contributors on the Kingz County album, including DJ Premiere.

Dibiasie further insults Jaz by claiming that Jaz couldn't get a buzz so he

tried to destroy Jay-Z.

Immobilaire is

a six person collective that signed to Rancore Records. They dropped their debut,

Kingz Kounty, earlier this year.