Jazze Pha, Cee-Lo Talk 'Happy Hour'

Sho 'Nuff Records

CEO/producer Jazze Pha and Goodie Mob group member Cee-Lo have linked up with

Capital Records to release their debut collaboration Happy Hour.

"It was inevitable that we would do a project," Jazze Pha told AllHipHop.com.

“When we came together to do Happy Hour, we both knew exactly what

the other was wanting to bring to the table, so that in itself was worth the time,

to see what type of genius would come out of our minds."

Happy Hour, which features collaborations with artists Nate Dogg, Mannie

Fresh and The Pussy Cat Dolls, will be a mixture of new school Hip-Hop with old

school funk.

The album also includes guest appearances by R&B veterans

Keith Sweat and Aaron Hall, which was a memorable experience for Cee-Lo.

"I just feel grateful that [Keith Sweat and Aaron Hall]

even wanted to do the album," Cee-Lo said. "For them to step into

the studio and record with us and even know who we are is amazing and something

we will never forget."

Besides the collaboration for Happy Hour, Cee-Lo and Jazze Pha are

both staying busy with other projects.

Cee-Lo, whose daughter was featured on the hit MTV “Sweet

Sixteen," is in talks with MTV about a new reality show starring his family.

"We are in talks right now," Cee-Lo told AllHipHop.com. "It is

definitely something that I would love to do again and something that we are

working out right now."

Cee-Lo is also working with famed producer Danger Mouse to release a new solo

project entitled Gnarls Barkley, as well as an untitled Goodie Mob

reunion album.

Jazze Pha, who is label head at Sho 'Nuff Records, has a role

in the upcoming film “Jelly Beans,” which was written by Dallas

Austin, Tina Chism ("Drumline"), Antwone Fisher ("Antwone Fisher")

and others.

The flick is being

directed by Chris Robinson and also stars T.I.

"I play a DJ in the film," Jazze said. "It was cool because it

wasn't some cameo where I was playing me, I was really acting. This is definitely

something that I am going to take seriously. I am in the process now of taking

classes and reviewing scripts, to make sure that I choose what's right for me."

Besides acting Jazze Pha is also preparing the upcoming sophomore effort from

Ciara and his new artist, Tone Tone.

"I am firm believer that as long as you love what you do, it's not real

work," Jazze continued. “[With} the stuff that's coming out of Sho

'Nuff, people best to get ready. We aren't holding nothing back."

Happy Hour hits stores February 14th, 2006.