JD Goes At Chris Rock In "Free" KING Mag

KING is mostly known for scantily

clad women, but Jermaine Dupri has tossed some disparaging words at comedian Chris

Rock in the latest issue of the men’s magazine.

The comments to the “illest men’s magazine” come under the premise

of a mock bachelor party for the Virgin Records president, who is also singer

Janet Jackson’s boyfriend.

However relaxed the setting, J.D. stated, “If you say anything about anybody

who got what you want, it's a statement of jealousy. It's like you end up dating

someone that people wanted to date their whole life, so people are crushed by

it. Chris Rock probably ain't married to the person he wants to be married to

and when he sees me, he's like "Damn! How? Why?" I look at it like that's

just part of their job, too. When people make jokes, they make jokes on what's

hot. At the time, me and Janet were a big conversation piece.”

While no formal wedding plans have been announced, the So So Def mogul said that

African-Americans haven’t championed his girlfriend’s sibling Michael,

in an acceptable manner.

“It's clear that Michael was set up. Michael Jackson is a generous dude.

He's in The Guinness Book of World Records for giving. He gives the most to people

and people take advantage of that,” J.D. explained to KING. “What's

foolish about it is that our own community jokes about it. If Elvis were still

alive, they would never let anything happen to him.”

Free of BET graces the cover of the magazine’s latest issue and she’s

not the demure, affable host that appears on “106 & Park.”

Among other spicy details, the Boston native explained why she was reluctant to

pose for the publication.

“I was a little shy with the concept of “Take off your clothes and

put your butt in the camera” [laughs]. But we had a good time and I’m

ready for it now. I don’t think I was ready for it before,” Free said.

The magazine is already on newsstands in New York City and is being distributed