Jean Grae Handles 'Nice MC's' On New Tour

Jean Grae is currently trekking the nation on "The No Turntables Tour" with Chicago rapper Diverse and the female rhymester says she’s already fending off emcees that want to battle.

And, she admitted these mic fiends were really nice.

“On the first date [in Richmond, VA], these three chicks came to the show wanting to battle me, popping off at the mouth crazy,” she told “Three songs later they gave me a flower and apologized.”

Still, Jean said she was totally prepared for lyrical warfare.

“I was like ‘OK, we can battle when my sets done,’ but that’s when the flower came out,” she said while en route to a date in Baltimore, MD.

“The No Turntables Tour” was deemed such because Jean said most of the venues where she’ll be playing are ill-equipped for a raw Hip-Hop show.

“The promoters apparently didn't feel comfortable providing turntables - it was deemed an ‘extra expense.’ It’s a f**king rap tour and they were acting like I'm a diva for wanting turntables,” she said laughingly. “So we can, just – play music.”

Always good for a one-liner, Jean quipped, “I'm gonna start asking for dumb s**t like only red Skittles with the ‘S’ taken off. Next I’m going to start asking for things like a hotel. But we're having fun regardless and Diverse is dope. Good stage show too.

Tonight Jean and Diverse will appear in Baltimore at Ottobar.

Below are the "The No Turntables Tour" tour dates with Jean Grae And Diverse:

1/14/2005 - Baltimore, MD - Ottobar

1/15/2005 - Cleveland Hts, OH - Grog Shop

1/16/2005 - Detroit, MI - St. Andrews Hall

1/18/2005 - Indianapolis, IN - TBA

1/19/2005 - Chicago, IL - Abbey Pub

1/20/2005 - Columbus, OH - Little Brother's

1/21/2005 - Washington, DC - Black Cat

1/22/2005 - NY - TBA

1/23/2005 - Burlington , VT - Club Metronome

* all dates subject to change