Jean Grae Readies Album With Babygrande

New York lyricist Jean Grae has signed with indie Babygrande to release her second LP, Veteran's Day. "I'm ready, [but] still humble," She told "I'll start battling people real soon again."

The underground community received a creative smack in when Grae released Attack of the Attacking Things, her critically acclaimed CD. However, didn't she didn't continue the relationship with her initial label Third Earth, instead opting to sign with Babygrande. The newly founded label also boasts a roster with Canibus, Jedi Mind Tricks, Cherrywine and Supernatural.

Grae indicated that the Veteran's Day was far more than ironic, its part of her mantra from being in the rap game since 1996 as a member of Natural Resources.

"Its definitely at a different level from the last album," she said. "We didn't have any budget at all [with the last album] and we definitely have the finances to back it up to get a better sounding album to get a better mix."

So, the rapper is steadily working towards the daunting task of living up to the expectations chronicled in Rolling Stone, and as well. However, the rapper hopes to expand her listenership and maintain those that have been with her since those earlier days.

Veteran's Day is slated for release on Veteran's Day Nov. 11.